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There are new requirments of you due to the fair and accurate credit transactions act of 2004 that take affect December 1, 2004

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Sample Merged Report

Key/Glossary to our report
Friendly Reliable Credit Reporting

Credit Reports

Merged Credit Reports (1,2,3 Bureau)
Optional FICO Scores, Fraud Alerts and OFAC Check

Residential Mortgage Credit Reports (RMCR)
Includes trade-line updates, employment and rental verifications and consumer interview

Mortgage Reference Reports (VOM)
12 or 24 month mortgage history report

Non-Traditional Credit Reports
FNMA approved report for consumers with little or no credit history

Fannie Mae (FNMA) access
DO/DU Loan Products

Loan Audit Reports
Post Closing Reports

Supplemental Credit Reports
Contains updated trade-lines only

Tenant Screening

Reports for Apartment Complexes/Property Management Co.’s

Criminal Background

County by County searches or Nationwide State searches


48-72 Hour Score Update Service

Flood Determination

On-line Flood Compliance Services

Interface Capabilities

Pointsm , Calyxsm Point for the web, Bytesm , Pipelinesm , Genesissm / Contoursm / ePasssm , LoanCommandersm , Empowersm and E-magic.

Software Technology

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